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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For super-cute holiday gifts check out BORN HIP: HIP BABY CLOTHES & COOL BABY CLOTHES. We really love the BORN HIP LOGO T.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Unique Father's Day Gift Idea

What a great way to let dad know just how much he is loved. Check out the "Daddy" Tattoo T-shirt from BORN HIP - Hip & Cool Baby Clothes. Wrap it in a super-cool mini-lunch box that he can resuse for fishing tackle, golf tees....whatever! BORN HIP has lots of other great gift ideas -- http://www.bornhip.com/. Happy Father's Day! CHEERS.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Unique Baby Gift to Actress Jean Louisa Kelly

Actress Jean Louisa Kelly was recently gived a custom newborn gift basket featuring items from BORN HIP: TRENDY, HIP, & COOL BABY CLOTHES. Included in the basket for her newborn baby girl was a "Daddy Tattoo" shirt and a BORN HIP LOGO shirt. That kid is gonna look so cute!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hip Baby T-Shirts

Hey, your baby was born hip, dress 'em that way. So says founder of BORN HIP: HIP & COOL BABY CLOTHES, who believes that babies are naturally hip and their clothes should be too. Born Hip's picks for super-hip baby t-shirts include the Fuzzy Dice T, Sacred Heart T, RockStar T and "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" T. Doesn't your hip baby deserve hip baby clothes. You bet. http://www.bornhip.com/

Cool Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What a concept -- a baby shower gift that isn't boring! Check this -- BORN HIP has some really cool baby shower gift ideas -- gifts that you will love to give and gifts that new mom will love to have! BORN HIP's top picks for cool baby shower gifts are the Rockin' Sets -- which include either a short sleeve or long sleeve lap T and a matching hat -- or, for a baby shower gift that is sure to get lots of laughs, BORN HIP suggests a gift that includes some of their signature funny hats -- like the "Slacker" hat, the "Unemployed" hat, the "Trouble" hat and the "Dude" hat. Wrap 'em up in the super-cool mini-lunch box gift wrap and you have the coolest baby shower gift around! http://www.bornhip.com/

Great Mothers' Day Gift Idea

Hey, Dads everywhere -- need some really cool Mother's Day Gift Ideas? Then check out the "Mom Tattoo"T from BORN HIP. Because we all love mom! http://www.bornhip.com/

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gift to Shanna & Travis Barker

Born Hip recently gifted items to Shanna & Travis Barker of MTV's "Meet the Barkers" and the rockband Blink-182.

New baby girl Alabama was given the super-hot SACRED HEART T-shirt in black and the cool PUNK T-shirt in black. The gifts to the Barkers were wrapped in Born Hip's mini-lunch box gift wrap.

The Barkers are just the most recent celebs to receive BORN HIP's styles -- Ben Affleck and Jen Garner's little girl Violet has also been gifted with items from Born Hip Hip & Cool Baby Clothes. www.bornhip.com

Unique Baby Gifts

Looking for a unique baby gift?
Check out BORN HIP.
Started by a native LA mom, BORN HIP features super-cool styles for newborns, infants and toddlers.
We love the rockin' gift sets and adorable mini-lunch box gift wrap.